Easiest Way to be Social: Tell Your Story

As a Social Media professional I hear many excuses why businesses don’t have a presence on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc). One of them is “We don’t know what to talk about.”

The easiest place to start is by telling your story. How did your business come to be what it is today?

I call myself an “Accidental Entrepreneur”. If you had asked me in 2000, when I began on eBay “Where do you see yourself in 15 years?” I would have never said “In 2015 I’ll have three successful online businesses.” What began on eBay with Simply Me Shop as a hobby, turned into a retail website Old World Limited, followed by a Social Media business Social Networking Nanny (started as a result of doing Social Media for OWL), and then Medical Monkeys, supporting multiple charities (started in honor of my Mother who fought 12 brave years against cancers and side affects).

I forged ahead with each step, talking to whomever I could regarding my passions in my businesses, making great connections and wonderful new friends along the way, and even fulfilling goals I didn’t know I had – including my own line of neckties from Italy Lanae Joy Ties

What's Your Story - Social Networking Nanny

But telling Your Story from a professional view point is just part of it. I also highly encourage businesses to [Read more…]

Join me at the 1st annual Midwest eCom Conference – plus special discount!

I’ve been to many conferences over the years for sellers. Those with a heavy emphasis for online sellers (eBay, Amazon, websites) have always been out of state, and out of the Midwest region. If that has stopped you from attending you no longer have an excuse!

Join me at the first annual Midwest eCom Conference, July 24- 25 for two full days of information, networking and fun! It is conveniently located near the MSP Airport, across from the Mall of America.

I am proud to be kicking off the event as the first speaker, with “Social Media Basics and Beyond – No Bull” I will not bore you with loads of statistics, and fancy info-graphs, but will be providing information that is vital to your use of Social Media.

In the line up of speakers there will be discussions on a variety of topics, including shipping, eBay, Amazon FBA and tax issues, multi-channel growth, thrifting and more!

At $99 this is a fantastic value for a conference, especially since lunches are provided! Lucky for you I have been given a last minute deal to make it an even better value: use promo LASTCALL and your cost will only 49.99!

For more details on the conference & to register, please visit their website http://www.midwestecom.com/

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Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Twitter While Trying to Break Selfie ReTweets at Oscars

In trying to break the most ReTweets for a selfie, Ellen DeGeneres broke Twitter!  Well, for about 15 minute anyway.

During a very fun and personable Oscars broadcast, Ellen took the viewers back stage and into the audience for conversation.  She was also collecting selfies, and posting them to her Social Media accounts.  The biggest selfie was with her and 11 of her acting friends, in which Bradley Cooper had to hold the phone and take the picture.

As of this posting her RT count is at over 2.7 million…a record!

Ellen Selfie 1

Five things brands can do to help them succeed in Social Media in 2014

Social Media icon collage

1) Stay active

      It doesn’t take much time, 10 minutes goes a long way.

2) Be honest & sincere

     Bullshit is easily noticed, and the smell lingers.

3) Talk to people, not at them

     Engage, get to know your Fans & Followers; let them get to know you.

4) Try new ideas

     Expand Social Media Channels, contests, different approaches to posts, etc.

5) Recognize that Social Media is a necessity, not an option

     Make it part of your Strategies, and budget it into your Marketing expenses.

Social Media Updates – a Change in How We Inform You

For the last couple of years we’ve tried to keep you up-to-date with the changes happening across the Social Media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.  It’s been part of our routine every day, throughout the day, to read thru many news reporting emails that come to our in-box.  From those we would pull out what we felt were the most important things you, our Fans, would want to be made aware of.

Things are about to change!

From now on, most of the Social Media updates we find for the week will be in our weekly email – Social Media Topics Tips & Tidbits.  You can sign up here –> Newsletter

Newsletter sample

Why the change?

Mainly it is due to changes by Facebook.  Fewer and fewer of you are seeing our updates, and some of them are really important. We want to keep informing people, but when it’s hidden from your News Feed, or didn’t make the cut as important enough (per Facebook algorithms), it doesn’t help anybody.

Our newsletter has already been received well by current subscribers, and we hope you’ll also find it informing and sometimes entertaining.  As always, we appreciate constructive feedback, so please leave a comment, or reply to the emails, and let us know how we’re doing.

Hope it’s a Great day!