Are You the Real Deal?

“There are a lot of people out there that line dance, wear a big hat and lead a cowboy lifestyle, but this dude is the real thing.”

Admit it, at one point or another in your personal or professional life you’ve embellished a bit on your job title, status, height, weight, age, etc.  Who hasn’t?  Many times it seems harmless, but you should be careful, especially with regards to your career or your business.

Have you ever reviewed a resume and been confused at the seemingly made-up titles the applicant has given themselves on past jobs?

How about attending a seminar being given by an industry ‘Expert’ and you walk away not having learned anything, and in fact know more than the presenter.

And worst is when you spend money for an item or service only to not get what you expected.

Customers and clients want businesses they can trust, both in the retail and service sectors.  Gaining that trust can often be hard.  It is easier if you are honest right from the beginning, even if it means admitting your mistakes along the way.  It shows you’re human, which is one of the key components in Social Networking 😉