Social Media Clients Past to Present

Social Media Clients

Over the years as our clients come and go, most of them have moved on because they see the importance and power of using Social Media for their businesses, and have taken the big step of hiring someone on staff to continue the work. Much to the chagrin of many, I see this as a “Graduation” of all I have taught them along the way. This includes insights, recommendations, teaching, reminding, nudging and more.

Recently a former client contacted me for some immediate Social Media help, in an area that was new to her. I was humbled that she wanted my help again, I enjoy working with her. Watching her business, and her confidence grow on Social Media has been very rewarding.

When the new services were complete she sent the following testimonial.

I have worked with Lanae from Social Networking Nanny off and on for the last few years and she is really exceptional. Not only is she an expert in helping small businesses and individuals become part of the sometimes intimidating social media world but she will try to work with you no matter your skill level or budget. As my business of being an attorney, motivational speaker and writer grew from local to more national opportunities like becoming a contributor for the HuffPost and occasional appearances on MSNBC, Al Jazeera America, Fox & Friends and The O’Reilly Factor, the Social Networking Nanny was there for advice and support. In addition Lanae is just one of the nicest people that you could hope to work with, she is attentive, patient and treated me like a million dollars. If you want to invest in getting into social media or improving your current social media engagement than I can think of no better person who will give you the balance of value and expertise than Lanae and Social Networking Nanny.

~Nikki Johnson-Huston, Esq.

Clients may come and go, but don’t think that all are forever gone. Keep refining your own work, your craft, your knowledge in your expertise or field. You never know when former clients may come calling again…you’ll want to be prepared.

Facebook Changes Page Layouts Again

Dear Facebook page owners…get ready to make some changes!

Facebook page changes

  • First and foremost you will be hit in the middle with your pages basic Insights ‘This Week’ when you open your page, with a ‘See All’ link.
  • All of your tabs our now in the Left column. The Manage Tabs link is at the bottom of that list.
  • We now have FULL cover photos! This is good and bad…more real estate to use without being covered by your logo and the other Facebook items previously shown; the bad being most of you (like me) will have to redo our cover photos. I’m OK with that for the benefits!

If you have any questions or need help with your new cover photo layouts let me know!



Well Done #eBay20 – Seller Summit and Anniversary Celebration

eBay 20th Anniversary

Warning: this is a long blog post. Grab a cup of coffee, a pop, or a cold beer or drink, sit back, relax and enjoy!

As many of you know I was hit with the entrepreneurial bug when I started selling on eBay many years ago. I’ve always been very proud to say “eBay made me an Accidental Entrepreneur.”  What a pleasure it was to celebrate with eBay at their 20th Birthday party / Anniversary party. No matter how you want to title it…it was one heck of a celebration!

Day 1  included a Keynote by Devin Wenig (President and CEO), presentations by eBay VP’s, and a surprise appearance from Pierre Omidyar (Founder of eBay)!

eBay CEO Devin Wenig Keynote #eBay20

eBay President and CEO Devin Wenig expressing the importance of eBay supporting small to medium size businesses. #eBay20


Devin sharing statistics: Merchandise sold in 2014 $83 Billion / 59% of items sold outside of U.S. / Customers in over 200 markets / Active buyer growth in last three years is 40%.

CTO Steve Fisher talking technology

CTO Steve Fisher talking technology

Wendy Jones, VP Global Operations has been on eBay since 2003

Wendy Jones, VP Global Operations has been on eBay since 2003

Wendy Jones introduces the new eBay Seller Hub - everything in one place. #eBay20

Wendy Jones introduces the new eBay Seller Hub – everything in one place. #eBay20

Laura Chambers VP of Global Customer Trust sharing she recently listed a bath water temperature checking yellow rubber ducky. As a new Mommy she thought it was a necessity and discovered her fingers did the same job.

Laura Chambers VP of Global Customer Trust sharing she recently listed a bath water temperature checking yellow rubber ducky. As a new Mommy she thought it was a necessity and discovered her fingers did the same job.

Laura Chambers telling how eBay is giving control of performance back to sellers #eBay20

Laura Chambers telling how eBay is giving control of performance back to sellers #eBay20

RJ Pittman, SVP Chief Product Officer sharing how eBay is simplifying the #mobile experience, across all devices. #eBay20

RJ Pittman, SVP Chief Product Officer sharing how eBay is simplifying the #mobile experience, across all devices. #eBay20

Hal Lawton , SVP eBay North America sharing eBay's campaign for the Holidays. #eBay20

Hal Lawton , SVP eBay North America sharing eBay’s campaign for the Holidays. #eBay20

Hal Lawton sharing eBay's rollout timeline for the Holidays. #eBay20

Hal Lawton sharing eBay’s rollout timeline for the Holidays. #eBay20

Pierre Omidyar talking with Devin about eBay and how technology has evolved. #eBay20

This Seller Summit and 20th Birthday Celebration was a very important time for eBay to reconnect, face to face, with around 2,000 sellers. This is something eBay hasn’t done in a number of years, in this magnitude, like they used to with eBay Live Events. I’ve been to a couple of those and I can tell you there is an energy that is unlike any other. It’s not just amongst the Sellers, with each other. It’s also with the eBay Executives and the hundreds of eBay employees that attend. I especially enjoyed seeing the reactions from newbie attendees, both sellers and eBay people. Until you experience an event like this you can not truly understand and comprehend just how invaluable this in-person interaction is.

#eBay20 opening day 2

With the major seller changes coming up this was the ideal time to have an event such as this. The changes are huge, and sellers wanted to know all the details, and ask lots of questions. There is no better way than speaking directly to those involved with developing the changes, and those in charge of the various areas. A recap of the changes can be found on my previous blog post – eBay Celebrates 20th Birthday, Grants Huge Wishes to Sellers

After Day 1’s business was done it was time to party! In the past at eBay Live Events there was an eBay Employee Tunnel – hundreds of employees clapping, cheering, high-fives and Thank You’s for all the Sellers walking by. As you can see from the video below they did it again!

Day 2 was full of sessions. There were a large variety to choose from, ranging from learning about the upcoming changes to improving on your current use of eBay tools and listings. I attended sessions on the new Seller Hub, Search, and two Seller Panels. I was very intrigued by the Seller Hub information and really look forward to using it. I think it will be very helpful in expediting the information needed by having it all in one general area, and hope that it is user friendly. The session was very informative, showing many screen shots and sharing a few process flows. I was a bit disappointed in the Search session, as it really felt more like a session for beginners than seasoned users. Of course this is often a dilemma when setting up sessions…at what level of seller do you focus on? I felt many people wanted more. More real life examples, especially with writing listing Titles and how to format listings. I really enjoyed both Seller Panels, with both sessions packed with attendees. It’s always great to hear from people who have used eBay for many years, and have spent a lot of time growing their businesses (with ups and downs) and ideas they came up with to keep growing and being more efficient.

If I could have added any sessions it would have been on using Social Media – no surprise there, right? I loved how eBay as a business used Social Media channels to promote the Seller Summit and 20th Anniversary before, during and after, including a #eBay20 hashtag, and also the use of QR codes. The hashtag and QR codes were also used in the program, which was perfect to get in the eyes of the attendees. I feel a Social Media session on how to effectively use Social Media for your eBay business should have been offered. It has become a vital part of businesses across all platforms.

In conclusion~

I am forever grateful to Pierre for his vision of selling online, and creating eBay. I was hoping to fulfill my Bucket List item by meeting Pierre in person, and thanking him for making me an Accidental Entrepreneur. I’ll leave it on the list for another day and time.

Overall I had a terrific time! It was great fun, great food, great people! Along with being incredibly grateful as an entrepreneur I reflected on how fortunate I am to have so many of my friends because of eBay. I review my Facebook friends and am in awe of all the amazing people I’ve met throughout the years, as sellers and also eBay employees, past and present! When I attend eBay events its great to see current friends, but I always have new ones to meet in person that I’ve already known online, and to make new ones for the first time.

Keep up the great work eBay, and please keep staying connected…in person…with the thousands of people eBay has helped become Entrepreneurs, and in return have helped make eBay what it is today! Together We Are eBay!


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eBay Celebrates 20th Birthday, Grants Huge Wishes to Sellers

eBay Seller Summit 2015 - 20th Birthday

You know I love great communications, and I also love a company that asks for users opinions, ideas and suggestions for improvement, and then acts upon them accordingly. eBay has been doing that for years, and is doing it again, in a BIG way!

During eBay’s Seller Summit and 20th Birthday Event Devin Wenig, eBay CEO, announced some huge improvements for sellers.

For years sellers have asked for changes that will help the flow of returns, seller information in an easier format, and changes to what affects Defect Rates. eBay listened, and today announced three big upcoming changes.

1. Improvements and flexibility on Returns!

  • Structured Returns
  • Single Return Platform
  • Hassle Free Returns

By creating return and refund rules it will help:

  • Expedite returns
  • Automate the return process for both the buyer and the seller
  • Managing returns be easier for the seller
  • Create faster resolutions and less escalations

The six big changes within returns include:

  1. Seller sets restocking fee up front in the listing flow
  2. Seller sets up return preferences
  3. Buyer selects a Reason Code
  4. Seller provides RMA number
  5. Seller provides own return label
  6. Seller can report a problem buyer

2. eBay Seller Hub – All the info – all in one place!

I don’t know about you  but I’ve never been great at knowing where to find everything I want to look at as a Seller. That’s about to change with all of the items below in one convenient spot.

  • Overview
  • Orders
  • Marketing
  • Listings
  • Performance

Sign up for the wait list today, Sept 10th at Goes Live Oct 20th!

3. Changes to how the Defect Rate is calculated

This is the area I am most Starting Feb 20, 2016 the following items will no longer impact your Defect Rate:

  • Buyer Feedback (Negatives and Neutrals)
  • DSR’s (Detailed Seller Ratings)
  • Return requests that are successfully resolved with your buyer
  • Item not received requests that are successfully resolved with your buyer

Among the improved changes is a long awaited one for On Time Shipping. In the new standards sellers are accountable only for what they can truly control…delivering your item to the carrier within your stated handling time!

If you would like to read all the details, plus get additional information, please use the following links:

Announcement board post:

The key landing pages are below for more information:
•             Main Landing Page –
•             Seller Standards –
•             eBay Seller Hub –
•             Returns on eBay –
•             Category & Items Specifics –
•             Product Identifiers –
•             Seller timeline –

Easiest Way to be Social: Tell Your Story

As a Social Media professional I hear many excuses why businesses don’t have a presence on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc). One of them is “We don’t know what to talk about.”

The easiest place to start is by telling your story. How did your business come to be what it is today?

I call myself an “Accidental Entrepreneur”. If you had asked me in 2000, when I began on eBay “Where do you see yourself in 15 years?” I would have never said “In 2015 I’ll have three successful online businesses.” What began on eBay with Simply Me Shop as a hobby, turned into a retail website Old World Limited, followed by a Social Media business Social Networking Nanny (started as a result of doing Social Media for OWL), and then Medical Monkeys, supporting multiple charities (started in honor of my Mother who fought 12 brave years against cancers and side affects).

I forged ahead with each step, talking to whomever I could regarding my passions in my businesses, making great connections and wonderful new friends along the way, and even fulfilling goals I didn’t know I had – including my own line of neckties from Italy Lanae Joy Ties

What's Your Story - Social Networking Nanny

But telling Your Story from a professional view point is just part of it. I also highly encourage businesses to [Read more…]