What Kind of LinkedIn User Are You?

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What kind of LinkedIn user are you?


“I opened up an account but haven’t completed my profile, and don’t visit the site.”

The only thing worse than not having a LinkedIn account if you’re a professional, is to have a dormant one. If people see a dormant account they may think that is how you feel about your career or your business.


“I appreciate the LinkedIn platform, and respect the ways of using it properly. I try to only post important items; Like and comment on posts I find interesting, or are supportive of a colleague or business; and realize the potential to make important connections.”


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Social Networking Done Right at Biz Bash New York

Over the past number of years I’ve attended a lot of events, for eBay and for PayPal.  Recently I attended my first ever event for Event Planners  – Biz Bash, in New York City.  I was brought to the event by PayPal, as one of their Ambassadors.  We talked with vendors and attendees about PayPal and the new PayPal Here mobile device.

Naturally I happily took note of all the Social Media use amongst the vendors.  My husband did a great job capturing many of them in photos, so we could share them with you, and give them a *shout out* for a job well done.

Starting even before the event, Biz Bash did a great job with using Social Media to promote their event, and keep people informed, including a hashtag.  They followed up by having this large scale sign greeting everyone at the entrances to the event.  It was evident they see the power of Social Media!

The most yummy booth was The Chocolate Swirl, with owner Lisa Bracigliano.  The Chocolate Swirl… [Read more…]

eBay on Location Philly


One of the reasons I love attending eBay On Location events is the other attendees.  Many times  veteran eBayers will go to multiple events, and we’ve become friends.  I also get to reconnect with other PayPal Ambassadors, and meet new ones.  It’s always nice to see familiar faces, or connect a face with a voice you’ve talked with before, and catch up.  But there are also the local sellers, and this is probably their first eBay event.   It is a lot of fun to feel their exuberance and passion, and curiosity about “what is new?”, “what sessions should I attend?”   What I love is everyone’s story is unique!  It’s really fascinating to learn how they got to where they currently are, and where they would like to take their business or hobby in the near future.

Many thanks to Steve Myers (Screaming from the Gallery) & Melinda Jackson (The River, The Ranch, The Bay) for the use of some of their event pictures.

Below are only a few of the many great people I chatted with. [Read more…]

Now That I’m On Twitter, What Should I Do With It

The most frequent comment I get from clients regarding Twitter is “I don’t know what to do with it!”

In the beginning, Twitter can be very overwhelming to new users.  As I like to say, it is a different animal than Facebook, but serves the same purpose. ..to connect.

The prime objective on Twitter is to create dialogue through the connections you make.  It can be someone from your own city or state, or someone on another continent.  The possibilities are endless.

Just like Facebook you don’t want every post to be a pitch, about your product or service.  Find things that interest you to reply about.  Or make a general comment about something in your day.  And no, I’m not referring to what you had for breakfast.  Having said that, sometimes those kinds of posts do get some funny reactions.

Start with what you’re comfortable talking about, or with whom you’re comfortable chatting with.  Many times this can be people in your same city, and chatting about a local event.  Other times it can be another parent and the similarities of your children.  It could also be someone who works in the same field as you, and you bounce ideas off each other in comparison.

Don’t be so stressed about it, have fun with it.  Observe conversations and people’s habits.  Do some ReTweets to let people know you’re listening.  Search for topics that pertain to your business or work of employment and answer questions relating to those.  People love to find the answers to their questions they’ve Tweeted.

There are a lot of great people, and fun conversations on Twitter.  Plus you never know when the next biz connection comes from 😉


Difference Between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page

Social Networking Q & A with the

Social Networking Nanny

Do you have a question about using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?  Let me know!  No question is too small…we all started at the beginning, just like you.  How do I add Friends?  How do I use Facebook as my Page?  Is there any way to slow Twitter down?  How do I connect with people on LinkedIn?  Can Pinterest be used by businesses?

What’s your question?*

 Q: What is the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Profile is your Personal Profile (sometimes referred to as your Personal Page).  It is customarily your personal name, with the Information area including selective personal items about you.  You can list employment, family members, schooling and more. A Profile connects with others on Facebook that are your Friends.

A Facebook Page is for businesses, organizations, and brands.  It is used in relationship to the business’s website, marketing and branding.  Once referred to as Fan Pages, people now ‘Like’ business pages.  Many Business Pages still refer to their page as a Fan Page, and the people who like it as Fans.

Facebook does have a rule that businesses are not to use a Facebook Profile as a business page.  But, as with many rules in businesses there is an exception. Facebook can allow certain Profiles/Pages to act as both.  You will normally see this with celebrities or someone in an industry with a very high number of Fans & Friends.  In these incidences the person is the brand.

*Questions can be left as comments to this post or by emailing them to SocialNetworkingNanny@gmail.com