Raising Money for a NonProfit: Salvation Army North and Give to the Max Day

On Thursday, November 15 I was part of a Social Media Team at The Salvation Army North, for Give to the Max Day in Minnesota.  For two hours in the very early morning hours, we Facebooked, Tweeted, and emailed people in our efforts to raise donations for the day.  It was a success!  They had a significant increase from the funds raised the previous year.  It was also a success in that we reached people they might not have otherwise reached…all due to the power and possibilities of Social Media.

The Salvation Army North did a wonderful job with preparation for the morning’s event.  This began with a brilliant theme and logo to match – Bacon, Eggs and Hashtags!

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Contemplating Life & Your List of Goals

I am about to enter the last year of my mid-40’s. You know, where you aren’t yet in the last part of the 40’s (47, 48, 49), but will admit you’re beyond the early part (41, 42, 43). You can figure it out from there, right?

It’s not often that I have serious contemplation about my age, and life in general. Who has time for serious contemplation? With a husband, three kids in college, three dogs, and two businesses…seriously, who has time? I have spurts of wonderment. More like what-if’s.

The other night my husband and I were watching a television show, and a discussion ensued about going back in your life and changing a mistake you made. Did you ever do something you questioned yourself about later…did you do the right thing? He asked me if it were possible to undo anything that I’ve done wrong in the past, would I? To his astonishment, my answer was no. If I were to change any one thing in my past, it could completely change where I am today.

Early in our married life we created a list of goals. As I recall, there were about 10-12 attainable goals on our list, and some in particular order: Good jobs, nice house, kids, etc. And there were some that took many years for us to achieve, but we were thrilled when we did. The list was completed three years ago, after 22 years of marriage. If we had changed one thing along the way, it could have possibly disrupted the chain of events that led us to our goals.

Yes, some things in life are hard, sad, shocking, and terrifying. We must learn to adapt, ask for help, change our course and move on. These moments may come into our memories from time to time, and cause us to ask “what if”, but remember you cannot change them. You can sometimes use them to help make future decisions and actions.

Ten years ago I never dreamed I would be an Entrepreneur / Mompreneur. I was happy to have found something I could do from my home (selling items on eBay) to help bring in some money, while raising our children. Five years ago I never dreamed I’d have my own website (Old World Limited) & be an independent seller. Three years ago I never dreamed I would have a second business (Social Networking Nanny), be interviewed by a local network (KARE11) and be featured in a Good Morning America segment. I never dreamed of all the wonderful Friends, Clients, Fans and Followers I would meet online via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and all of the people I’ve been able to meet in real life, locally and on business trips!

Somewhere inside me these things were on my newest list of goals. I hadn’t written them down, but every decision I made, including mistakes, led me to where I am. I’m very happy where I am, and look forward to seeing what life has in store for me, both personally and professionally.

Yes, my hubby and I do have new lists of goals – his, mine, and ours. We won’t give up on them, no matter how out-there they may seem. 😉

Businesses Social Networking with Tag Lines, Slogans & Catch Phrases

Every business should have a tag line, catch phrase or slogan to help brand themselves. See if you can name the companies from the video whose tag lines are used as examples.