Twitter is the “IN” way to Social Networking tool at the moment. It allows you to Get It Out and Get In Now information. Comments, aka Tweets, are done within 140 characters per Tweet. Challenging? Yes. Doable? Absolutely!

There are many benefits to being on Twitter, and one is marketing your product &/or service(s). You could find consumers, or you may find wholesalers for new product lines. Many times journalists are looking to interview people about their businesses.

It is also a great way to collaborate with others in a similar field (or online sellers in general) about ideas. Think of it as a huge think-tank with lots of brainstorming going on. If you look for it, you will find it.

Sometimes the best things to come from Twitter are those things that are totally unexpected. Exa: a client Tweeted about a Beagle they found, and trying to find a local Beagle Rescue facility. Because of that Tweet she was contacted by the owner of a local Beagle Rescue facility. They worked out the details and the Beagle is now in a loving foster home 🙂

Don’t like reading the newspaper or magazines? Follow major networks and news organizations to see the latest headlines. Then you choose if you want to follow the link to read the story.

What can we do for you on Twitter?

We can set up a Twitter account for you, find relevant people to follow, and build up a base of followers. We will do Twitter postings for you, with information found on your website, or about a particular product or service on your site. With my guidance we will get you actively involved with Tweeting and other aspects of Twitter.

*Twitter set-up:  Starting from scratch we setup your business Twitter ID + 2 weeks of build-up

*Twitter maintenance:  We monitor your account with necessary maintenance and do postings on your behalf

*Consultation: Review of your current Social Networking setup and strategies. Includes tips and suggestions to make your Social Networking more effective and efficient, while also providing overall appearance hints.

Contact for free estimate/quote based on your needs.

Client testimonials

I am so grateful for Lanae and for the Social Networking Nanny. I was totally lost when it came to social media and she patiently helped me understand not only how to use it but the purpose. She has been tremendously helpful with ideas and with shortcuts to help me save time. Her follow-up was fantastic and I love being able to ask a quick question here and there. Finally, someone that understands social media and knows how to teach those of us that didn’t! Donna, Donna T’s Jewelry

Social Networking Nanny was indispensable in helping Brush Studio create our online presence. Lanae stepped us through creating our Facebook Page and setting up our other social media feeds. She also provided invaluable advice for maintaining and growing our online presence. We also required some hands-on training and feel that had great value. Lanae showed great patience and was able to take us from zero to competent in a very short time. We highly recommend the services of Social Networking Nanny! If you’re not online, you won’t be found!” Jean and Jodi, Brush Studio

Lanae does a great job as our social media maven. She keeps our clients engaged and manages our social media accounts keeping them up to date with information we provide to her, as well as timely local news and pop culture items of interest to our clients. James Conway, Shareholder at Jaspers Moriarty & Wetherille, P.A.

Lanae helped me get my business twitter account up and going, within weeks of her services i had new window cleaning jobs.” January 2012 Ray DeVine, Pristine Services

The Social Networking Nanny has gotten me a foothold on Twitter that I wouldn’t have gotten on my own. She has given me tools to work with to continue. For those of us from the older, non technical generation, she is able to explain what you need and why you need it in a very understandable manner. I definitely recommend her and her service!

Social Networking Nanny,
Thank you! Your fantastic ideas for using social networking techniques to promote my business have really helped it to take off and get noticed. In only one month I gained over 300 Twitter Followers who help spread my message of Conservatism to others. I appreciate the time and effort you devoted to my business. You Rock!

I want you to know how very much I appreciate what you’ve been doing for us with Facebook and Twitter. We have been recommending your services to a lot of people!