LinkedIn is a more formal way of Social Networking.  There is less chatter than Twitter, perhaps the same as Facebook, and generally the content is more targeted, more relevant to a person’s industry or profession.

Personal accounts: The main purpose is putting your resume, your professional profile on the Internet.  Just like a resume you list current and past jobs and affiliations, professional interests and experience, volunteer duties, and more. You generally Link In, or connect, with people in your industry, or similar industries.  Many also chose to link to people who have similar interests, have connections they would like to connect to, and often times friends and relatives are connections also.

Business pages: Business pages on LinkedIn are a great for having a connecting hub for your employees, and also for fans of your brand to follow you, and keep up to to date with your business. Many professionals prefer to stay on LinkedIn, and are not on other Social Media channels.  By having a business page on LinkedIn you will get that connection that might otherwise be missed.

We can help bring your LinkedIn account to life, or up to date.  We will also give you useful tips on maintaining your account to keep the best exposure of your professional profile.

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Lanae does a great job as our social media maven. She keeps our clients engaged and manages our social media accounts keeping them up to date with information we provide to her, as well as timely local news and pop culture items of interest to our clients. James Conway, Shareholder at Jaspers Moriarty & Wetherille, P.A.

Lanae Paaverud, the Social Networking Nanny, has been invaluable in helping me set-up and navigate my professional Facebook and LinkedIn pages. I know that I can count on her to keep me current on updates and changes to these and other social networking platforms. Her knowledge of and enthusiasm for social networking and her positive, cheerful attitude make it a true pleasure to work with her.” January 2012 Sharon Hunt Gerardo, PhD, DVM – Veterinary Infection Control Services

I approached Lanae the Social Networking Nanny to work on my linked in account. The work she did has resulted in my company receiving several new opportunities i wouldn’t have been considered for in the past.  My page is orderly,professional,and exactly what i was looking for!  Thank you Social Networking Nanny! Anne