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At Social Networking Nanny I am a Social Media Expert, helping Small Businesses get Social…on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.  We also offer Specialists to help with many of your business needs…IT, marketing, website design & development, security, image design, payment solutions, & more!

Together we will create a custom package. We can set-up, maintain, teach, guide, encourage and assist you on your Social Media sites!  With our team of Specialists we will make sure you are set up properly with your website and marketing needs, to make your business processes flow smooth from beginning to end, and be visually appealing.

In today’s technology age, it is very important for businesses to be involved in Social Networking. It builds your Network of clients and colleagues, shows a human side to the business, helps to promote your product or services, and creates new opportunities.  It is equally important to have your website and businesses needs in place to support your networking efforts.

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“Long before everyone else jumped into the fray, Lanae launched one of the first businesses devoted to successfully helping individuals and small businesses develop their presence on Facebook. Her rates are highly-affordable and her results exceed expectations. Plus, she’s a pleasure to work with!” January 24, 2012 Tory Johnson, Founder of Spark & Hustle / Good Morning America Contributor

Good Morning America ‘Work at Home Segment by Tory Johnson, featuring the Social Networking Nanny

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