eBay on Location Philly


One of the reasons I love attending eBay On Location events is the other attendees.  Many times  veteran eBayers will go to multiple events, and we’ve become friends.  I also get to reconnect with other PayPal Ambassadors, and meet new ones.  It’s always nice to see familiar faces, or connect a face with a voice you’ve talked with before, and catch up.  But there are also the local sellers, and this is probably their first eBay event.   It is a lot of fun to feel their exuberance and passion, and curiosity about “what is new?”, “what sessions should I attend?”   What I love is everyone’s story is unique!  It’s really fascinating to learn how they got to where they currently are, and where they would like to take their business or hobby in the near future.

Many thanks to Steve Myers (Screaming from the Gallery) & Melinda Jackson (The River, The Ranch, The Bay) for the use of some of their event pictures.

Below are only a few of the many great people I chatted with.

Ed G. (power tool & lawn equipment)

Ed approached me in Denver because of my blinged-up PayPal Ambassador shirt 🙂  He had seen other Ambassador shirts and was curious what it was about.  We had a very nice chat about his business and other event related topics.  Fast forward to Philly.  I see someone in passing on crutches and their lower leg in a cast.  I didn’t catch his face but thought, wow, that’s dedication to still attend.  A couple hours later the gentleman finds me near the PayPal booth…it’s Ed!  He remembered me and wanted to say Hi.  It was great to catch up with him!

Jenn C (fashion consignment)

Jenn and I met at the PayPal after-party.  If I remember correctly this was her first event.  In my defense it was quite loud and we were straining to hear each other over the chatter of the large crowd & the awesome music.  It was great fun talking fashion with her, and I quickly complimented on her stylish business cards, with the zebra accents and hot pink.  And the fact that she also utilized the back side of her business cards as I do…it’s valuable real estate people!

Roxie (skincare) & Claudia (packaging tape)

These ladies were a hoot!  I had started out talking to Roxie about the new PayPal Here device, and showing her examples of how she could use it.  Up walks Claudia, and she immediately jumps into the scenario LOL  The three of us ran scenarios for close to 10 minutes, and Roxie even came up with one I didn’t have the answer to…which I have since passed on to PayPal for consideration.    Roxie was so excited about the Here that she talked a PayPal Manager into giving her one right then and there!

Chris C (dog carriers)

Chris approached the PayPal booth and inquired about the Here device.  She attends many trade shows and was looking for an easier way to do transactions to both wholesalers and individual buyers.  After talking to Chris about her product and feeling her passion for her hand crafted dog carriers I said “You should go on Shark Tank!”  Her reply was, “you’re not the first person to say that.”  Someday I have a feeling we will see her there.



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