LinkedIn Adds Banner Customization

This morning I saw that LinkedIn is now giving customization and branding options for your background banner at the top of your Profile page.  This is a change that was bound to come, following what many of the other Social Media sites have already been doing.  Nice to see LinkedIn offering this feature!

Social Networking Nanny Linked background notice

You can choose one of their many designs, but you know my recommendation – make your own, be unique & true to your Brand!  Graphics should be under 4 MB with a size of 1400 x 425 to fit best.  I’ll be working on mine later in the week.  I would love to see what you come up with for yours!

Social Networking Nanny Linked background notice2

What Kind of LinkedIn User Are You?

LinkedIn icon2

What kind of LinkedIn user are you?


“I opened up an account but haven’t completed my profile, and don’t visit the site.”

The only thing worse than not having a LinkedIn account if you’re a professional, is to have a dormant one. If people see a dormant account they may think that is how you feel about your career or your business.


“I appreciate the LinkedIn platform, and respect the ways of using it properly. I try to only post important items; Like and comment on posts I find interesting, or are supportive of a colleague or business; and realize the potential to make important connections.”


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Keeping Your LinkedIn Profile Up to Date, 5 Easy to-do Pointers

When is the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile?  How about the last time you did an update to it.

LinkedIn is a reflection of your professional career. Don’t let it get sloppy and out of date.

Do a quick 5 point checklist right now:

  1. Make sure your profile picture is accurate.  Admit it, you’ve seen the profile pics of people in their 20’s or early 30’s, and in reality are in their 40’s or up.  If there is ever a start to “being real”, this is it!  The picture doesn’t have to be professionally done, but it should be in good taste.
  2. Check your current job title and description.  Many times people will have a transfer or promotion within a company and completely forget to update their LinkedIn profile.
  3. Review Connection Invites.  Only accept those you truly want to connect to.  It’s OK to not connect to everyone who sends a request.
  4. Click on your Public Profile link.  This is what people who aren’t connected to you see.  Is it accurate; is it what you want them to see?
  5. Check the accuracy of your Byline.  While on LinkedIn people get suggestions of who to connect with, and they most likely only see your name and byline.  It’s your “first impression”, make it count!

 LinkedIn profile sample



Are You the Real Deal?

“There are a lot of people out there that line dance, wear a big hat and lead a cowboy lifestyle, but this dude is the real thing.”

Admit it, at one point or another in your personal or professional life you’ve embellished a bit on your job title, status, height, weight, age, etc.  Who hasn’t?  Many times it seems harmless, but you should be careful, especially with regards to your career or your business.

Have you ever reviewed a resume and been confused at the seemingly made-up titles the applicant has given themselves on past jobs?

How about attending a seminar being given by an industry ‘Expert’ and you walk away not having learned anything, and in fact know more than the presenter.

And worst is when you spend money for an item or service only to not get what you expected.

Customers and clients want businesses they can trust, both in the retail and service sectors.  Gaining that trust can often be hard.  It is easier if you are honest right from the beginning, even if it means admitting your mistakes along the way.  It shows you’re human, which is one of the key components in Social Networking 😉

Social Networking Nanny is Social Media Savvy Mom & Winner in StartupNation Leading Moms In Business Contest 2010

I am extremely happy to announce that I was a winner in the StartupNation’s 2010 Leading Moms in Business Contest!  A huge THANK YOU to all who voted

The Social Networking Nanny was also chosen as a Social Media Savvy Mom and was interviewed as being Ahead of the Curve on the topic.