About the Nanny

I am an online retailer, with over 17 years of  experience in many Internet aspects. In  running my own website I quickly learned  that Social Networking is an integral part of  business. You can advertise your product, but you also need to put a face to your site…a human aspect. If people don’t feel comfortable with who you are, or the product you represent, they won’t buy from you.

They say the ultimate goal in life is doing what you love…and for me that is Social Networking. If you’ve ever met me in person you know that I love to talk…so you can imagine my speed and abilities of Social Networking 😉

Let  us help you get the word out about your product &/or service(s)! We would love to work with you and make you feel comfortable in the world of Social Networking. Or let us free up some of your time, and takeover some of your Social Networking. I’m flexible to ideas that help make your life easier.

We also have a great Team of Specialists to help with many other business needs you may have:  IT, marketing, website design & development, security, image design, payment solutions, & more!

Hope it’s a great day~

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Clinton Kelly and Lanae Paaverud - Clinton interviewed by Social Networking Nanny

Clinton Kelly – after our video Nanny Nine interview

My retail website:

Don Shelby and Lanae Paaverud

Meeting Don Shelby was a wish come true…someone I admire and respect as a professional and a person. When I grow up I want to be just like him 😉

Lanae Paaverud with Tory Johnson

With Tory Johnson at a Spark and Hustle event where we were a Sponsor. Tory and I met after she featured Social Networking Nanny on GMA.

Peter Taunton and Lanae Paaverud

Snap Fitness CEO Peter Taunton – Shakopee Connect luncheon