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Social Media Clients Past to Present

Over the years as our clients come and go, most of them have moved on because they see the importance and power of using Social Media for their businesses, and have taken the big step of hiring someone on staff to continue the work. Much to the chagrin of many, I see this as a […]

Facebook Changes Page Layouts Again

Dear Facebook page owners…get ready to make some changes! First and foremost you will be hit in the middle with your pages basic Insights ‘This Week’ when you open your page, with a ‘See All’ link. All of your tabs our now in the Left column. The Manage Tabs link is at the bottom of […]

Well Done #eBay20 – Seller Summit and Anniversary Celebration

Warning: this is a long blog post. Grab a cup of coffee, a pop, or a cold beer or drink, sit back, relax and enjoy! As many of you know I was hit with the entrepreneurial bug when I started selling on eBay many years ago. I’ve always been very proud to say “eBay made […]

eBay Celebrates 20th Birthday, Grants Huge Wishes to Sellers

You know I love great communications, and I also love a company that asks for users opinions, ideas and suggestions for improvement, and then acts upon them accordingly. eBay has been doing that for years, and is doing it again, in a BIG way! During eBay’s Seller Summit and 20th Birthday Event Devin Wenig, eBay […]

Easiest Way to be Social: Tell Your Story

As a Social Media professional I hear many excuses why businesses don’t have a presence on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc). One of them is “We don’t know what to talk about.” The easiest place to start is by telling your story. How did your business come to be what it is today? […]