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Join me at the 1st annual Midwest eCom Conference – plus special discount!

I’ve been to many conferences over the years for sellers. Those with a heavy emphasis for online sellers (eBay, Amazon, websites) have always been out of state, and out of the Midwest region. If that has stopped you from attending you no longer have an excuse! Join me at the first annual Midwest eCom Conference, […]

U.S. Army War College National Security Seminar

My Week at the U.S. Army War College National Security Seminar

Little did I know that my overly inquisitive nature, and my love of Social Media, would get me nominated to attend the National Security Seminar at the U.S. Army War College! Long story short leading up to my nomination: our Army National Guard daughter was at AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Fort Gordon. I met […]

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What Kind of LinkedIn User Are You?

What kind of LinkedIn user are you? Rare “I opened up an account but haven’t completed my profile, and don’t visit the site.” The only thing worse than not having a LinkedIn account if you’re a professional, is to have a dormant one. If people see a dormant account they may think that is how […]

Beth, another Minnesota girl, and military wife, I met at our Seminar's BBQ dinner.

Sit With a Stranger on the Bus

This past week I was honored to be a New Member of the Army War College, at their National Security Seminar (NSS). More on the NSS and Army War College in my next blog post. There were many fascinating military and civilian students and staff, and fellow New Members in my smaller Seminar group. But […]

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Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Twitter While Trying to Break Selfie ReTweets at Oscars

In trying to break the most ReTweets for a selfie, Ellen DeGeneres broke Twitter!  Well, for about 15 minute anyway. During a very fun and personable Oscars broadcast, Ellen took the viewers back stage and into the audience for conversation.  She was also collecting selfies, and posting them to her Social Media accounts.  The biggest […]