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Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Twitter While Trying to Break Selfie ReTweets at Oscars

In trying to break the most ReTweets for a selfie, Ellen DeGeneres broke Twitter!  Well, for about 15 minute anyway. During a very fun and personable Oscars broadcast, Ellen took the viewers back stage and into the audience for conversation.  She was also collecting selfies, and posting them to her Social Media accounts.  The biggest […]

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Top 5 Fashion Hits and Misses from Oscars 2014

Last night’s Oscar Awards was quite entertaining!  I loved seeing the variety of fashion, both the women’s and the men’s, but was surprised by the amount of super light pastels and creams. I did this purely for fun, because I love fashion!  All of these ladies are incredibly talented, and beautiful by nature. Hits Sandra […]

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Five things brands can do to help them succeed in Social Media in 2014

1) Stay active       It doesn’t take much time, 10 minutes goes a long way. 2) Be honest & sincere      Bullshit is easily noticed, and the smell lingers. 3) Talk to people, not at them      Engage, get to know your Fans & Followers; let them get to know you. 4) Try new ideas […]

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Baby It’s Cold Outside – It’s All Relative

Now that Winter is officially upon us, many of us are seeing a dip in temperatures, and some of us have snow along with it.  It’s quickly become a joke on the Social Media channels to compare what people’s definitions of cold is.  There are news reports from Californians being super cold due to temps […]

FB Unfollow now Stop Notifications

Facebook changes wording from Unfollow Post to Stop Notifications

While cruising thru my Facebook feed tonight I came across this adorable “caught ya” pic from my friend Aimee.  I left her a fun comment, but then wanted to unfollow as I knew lots of others would also have fun comments to make, and I would get lots of notifications. I discovered that Facebook has […]